Application developer

Leverage ready to use development environments

Don’t know where to start? The collection of devfiles in a devfile registry provides a wide range of samples and stacks with starter applications that can provide a starting point for you to use different languages and frameworks. Whether you are starting from scratch or working with an existing application, we got you covered.

Version development environment

Having the devfile included as part of the application allows you to easily reproduce the development environment in the same way as any other developers in your organization. You don’t have to worry about the complexity of setting up the environment so that you can focus on developing your applications.

Choose your tools

You will have the flexibility of using different development tools, but still, be able to produce the consistent output described in the devfile. Advanced developers can also customize the build when needed.

Reduce the discrepancies between development and production

Using the devfiles provided by the stack providers will minimize the environmental discrepancies between different stages of development, e.g. development, staging, CI, and production.

Make quick turnarounds on code changes

The inner-loop and outer-loop instructions defined in the devfile allow you to test out your code changes quickly in the tools. You will use the workflow recommended by the stack provider that is the expert on the specific runtime.

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