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Using the devfile library, you can parse and write any devfile, helping you maintain consistent development environments and making it easier for teams to collaborate across shared projects.


  • Parse a devfile with the code below. Note that the Path field in the parser.ParserArgs struct can be a relative or absolute path to any file or directory on the filesystem. If it is a directory containing several files, the parser will try to discover a devfile based on the following file name priority order: devfile.yaml > .devfile.yaml > devfile.yml > .devfile.yml.
// ParserArgs is the struct to pass into parser functions
// which contains required info for parsing devfile.
parserArgs := parser.ParserArgs{
  Path:                             path,
  FlattenedDevfile:                 &flattenedDevfile,
  ConvertKubernetesContentInUri:    &convertKubernetesContentInUri
  RegistryURLs:                     registryURLs,
  DefaultNamespace:                 defaultNamespace,
  Context:                          context,
  K8sClient:                        client,
  ExternalVariables:                externalVariables,

// Parses the devfile and validates the devfile data
// if top-level variables are not substituted successfully,
// the warnings can be logged by parsing variableWarning
devfile, variableWarning, err := devfilePkg.ParseDevfileAndValidate(parserArgs)
  • Get specific content from a devfile by running:
// To get all the components from the devfile
components, err := devfile.Data.GetComponents(DevfileOptions{})

// To get all the components from the devfile with
// attributes tagged - tool: console-import
// & import: {strategy: Dockerfile}
components, err := devfile.Data.GetComponents(DevfileOptions{
  Filter: map[string]interface{}{
    "tool": "console-import",
    "import": map[string]interface{}{
      "strategy": "Dockerfile",

// To get all the volume components
components, err := devfile.Data.GetComponents(DevfileOptions{
  ComponentOptions: ComponentOptions{
    ComponentType: v1.VolumeComponentType,

// To get all the exec commands that belong to the build group
commands, err := devfile.Data.GetCommands(DevfileOptions{
  CommandOptions: CommandOptions{
    CommandType:      v1.ExecCommandType,
    CommandGroupKind: v1.BuildCommandGroupKind,
  • Get the Kubernetes objects from the devfile by running:
// To get a slice of Kubernetes containers of type
// corev1.Container from the devfile component containers
containers, err := generator.GetContainers(devfile)

// To generate a Kubernetes deployment of type v1.Deployment
deployParams := generator.DeploymentParams{
  TypeMeta:          generator.GetTypeMeta(deploymentKind, deploymentAPIVersion),
  ObjectMeta:        generator.GetObjectMeta(name, namespace, labels, annotations),
  InitContainers:    initContainers,
  Containers:        containers,
  Volumes:           volumes,
  PodSelectorLabels: labels,
deployment := generator.GetDeployment(deployParams)
  • Update the devfile content by running:
// To update an existing component in the devfile object
err := devfile.Data.UpdateComponent(v1.Component{
  Name: "component1",
  ComponentUnion: v1.ComponentUnion{
    Container: &v1.ContainerComponent{
      Container: v1.Container{
        Image: "image1",

// To add a new component to the devfile object
err := devfile.Data.AddComponents([]v1.Component{
    Name: "component2",
    ComponentUnion: v1.ComponentUnion{
      Container: &v1.ContainerComponent{
        Container: v1.Container{
          Image: "image2",

// To delete a component from the devfile object
err := devfile.Data.DeleteComponent(componentName)
  • Write a devfile by running:
// If the devfile object has been created with the devfile path
// already set, can simply call WriteYamlDevfile to write the devfile
err := devfile.WriteYamlDevfile()

// To write to a devfile from scratch
// create a new DevfileData with a specific devfile version
devfileData, err := data.NewDevfileData(devfileVersion)

// set schema version

// To add devfile content, use library APIs

// create a new DevfileCtx
ctx := devfileCtx.NewDevfileCtx(devfilePath)
err = ctx.SetAbsPath()

// create devfile object with the new DevfileCtx and DevfileData
devfile := parser.DevfileObj{
  Ctx:  ctx,
  Data: devfileData,

// write to the devfile on disk
err = devfile.WriteYamlDevfile()