Authoring devfilesPackaging devfile

Authoring devfiles

Packaging devfile

Creating a devfile

To create a devfile, you can start from scratch or use the public community devfile registry to find predefined stacks for popular languages and frameworks. Once you have a devfile, save it as .devfile.yaml to your application’s root directory.

Resources to include with your devfile

If the devfile contains outerloop support, make sure the required files are included in your application with the correct path. Some common examples include:

  • The devfile contains an image component that uses a Dockerfile:
  - name: outerloop-build
      imageName: image:latest
        uri: docker/Dockerfile
  • The devfile contains a deploy component:
  - name: outerloop-deploy
      uri: kubernetes/deploy.yaml

If the devfile was created using the public community devfile registry, visit the source directory on Github to get the required files.


Check out the devfile schema for supported components.

Additional resources