Simplify and accelerate your workflow.

An open standard defining containerized development environments.

schemaVersion: 2.2.0
name: go
language: go
- container:
- name: http
targetPort: 8080
memoryLimit: 1024Mi
mountSources: true
name: runtime

Develop Faster

Take control of your development environment

Devfiles defines best practices for your application lifecycle.


Development environments are now quick to create, can be thrown away at will, and can be easily re-created when needed.


Mechanism for teams to share configurations across projects, and provide a single source of truth throughout the application lifecycle.


Central location management so updates can be applied once and be properly aligned across development teams.


Share expertise from other developers and communities into your team's development environment.

Key Features

Stacks & Starter Projects
Stacks and starter projects provide an easy mechanism to get applications started or support moving existing applications to containers.
Community Registry
A community-hosted registry populated with stacks and samples that are constructed with best practices and contain common tools configurations.
Custom Registry
Provision and manage your own enterprise-managed registry that allows you to customize what run times you want to make available to your teams.
Parent Support
Leveraging parent support inherits the behavior of an existing devfile stack for updates like security or runtime fixes.