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API reference

Devfile schema - Version 2.2.0

Devfile describes the structure of a cloud-native devworkspace and development environment.

Map of implementation-dependant free-form YAML attributes.

Predefined, ready-to-use, devworkspace-related commands

List of the devworkspace components, such as editor and plugins, user-provided containers, or other types of components

Bindings of commands to events. Each command is referred-to by its name.

Optional metadata

Parent devworkspace template

Projects worked on in the devworkspace, containing names and sources locations

Devfile schema version

Match pattern: ^([2-9])\.([0-9]+)\.([0-9]+)(\-[0-9a-z-]+(\.[0-9a-z-]+)*)?(\+[0-9A-Za-z-]+(\.[0-9A-Za-z-]+)*)?$

StarterProjects is a project that can be used as a starting point when bootstrapping new projects

Map of key-value variables used for string replacement in the devfile. Values can be referenced via {{variable-key}} to replace the corresponding value in string fields in the devfile. Replacement cannot be used for

  • schemaVersion, metadata, parent source

  • element identifiers, e.g. command id, component name, endpoint name, project name

  • references to identifiers, e.g. in events, a command's component, container's volume mount name

  • string enums, e.g. command group kind, endpoint exposure