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Developing with devfiles

A devfile is a yaml file. After you include it in your local environment, the devfile provides ways to automate your processes. Tools like odo run the devfile and apply its guidelines to your environment. You can configure the devfile based on your unique development needs.

To get a better understanding of what devfiles can help build, take a look at a few tools that currently support devfile.

Quick start guides

  • Use the devfile specification to develop a Node.js “Hello World” application using odo. Developing this application introduces you to how a devfile automates and simplifies your development process.
  • Create a workspace in Eclipse Che with a community sample backed by the devfile specification to start building your application in the language of your choice.
  • Use blueprints in Amazon CodeCatalyst to quickly build a "Modern three-tier web application". Start working on the source code with a Dev Environment that uses a devfile to pre-determine and install the required project tools and application libraries.
  • Set up a remote development environment that links to your Git repository using JetBrains Space Cloud Dev and the devfile specification.

Tools that provide devfile support

Additional resources

To continue working with devfiles, go to overview.