IntroductionDeveloping with devfiles


Developing with devfiles

Use the devfile specification to develop a Node.js “Hello World” application. Developing this application introduces you to how a devfile automates and simplifies your development process.


To make developing with the devfile specification easier, consider doing the following:


  1. View the available devfiles:

    $ odo catalog list components
  2. Create a devfile project.

    $ odo create nodejs _<name of your project>_ --starter


    Add the --starter parameter to include the starter project currently inside the Node.js devfile specification, which makes it easier for you to develop an application.

  3. Find your cluster IP address.

    $ minikube IP
  4. Create an ingress inside your cluster that you can use to access your application using the cluster IP address.

    $ odo url create _<name you give the url>_ --ingress --host _<IP address>


    $ odo url create myfirstproject --ingress --host
  5. Build the URL.

    $ odo push


  • To verify that you built your Node.js "Hello World" application successfully, view the application in a web browser by copying and pasting the URL that was produced by running the odo push command. Go to the URL and view your "Hello World" application.

Additional resources

To continue working with devfiles, go to overview.