About devfiles

What a devfile does for you

You can use devfiles to automate and simplify your development process. With devfiles, you record the instructions for configuring and running your build environment as a YAML-formatted text file. Then, optionally, you can distribute those devfiles to other build tools and IDEs that support devfiles. Finally, to automatically configure and build a running application from a development project, you run the devfile instructions. You can also use devfiles to provide consistent build processes across different languages and tools.

Using the recommended best practices from the devfile, the tools and IDE can:

  • Take in the repository hosting your application source code.

  • Build your code.

  • Run your application on your local container.

  • Deploy your application to cloud-native containers.

Benefits of devfiles

With devfiles, you can make workspaces composed of multiple containers. In these containers, you can create any number of identical workspaces from the same devfile. If you create multiple workspaces, you can share your devfile with different teams. By sharing a single devfile across multiple teams, you can ensure that each team has the same user experience and build, run, deploy behaviors.

Devfiles include the following features:

  • Guidance for using runtime images

  • Example code

  • Build and CI commands

  • Deployment options

Devfiles have the following benefits:

  • Reduce the gap between development and deployment

  • Find available devfile stacks or samples in a devfile registry

  • Produce consistent build and run behaviors

Roles that use devfiles

Stack providers use devfiles to develop their runtime stacks once and then use them across different tools. Therefore, with devfiles, you do not need to build and maintain custom development tools.

Tool providers use devfiles to build runtime support for each runtime. The devfile runtime teams create the devfiles for building and running applications on their servers, giving you more time to work on your tools.

With devfiles, developers do not need to set up the environment for building and running their applications. Instead, you have the flexibility to use different tools, like Che and odo.

How to work with devfiles
Additional resources

To ask questions, view open issues, raise concerns, or communicate directly with the devfile team, see the devfile GitHub repository.