This section describes common problems during the devfile migration and potential solutions.

Eclipse Che workspace startup failures after the migration to devfile v2
Workspace fails to start after the conversion

Try referencing the Universal Developer Image as the only component in the devfile:

  - name: tools
      memoryLimit: 3Gi
Universal Developer Image provides runtimes for various languages (including Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, Golang) and tools (including curl, jq, git) for development.
Conversion failures
Conversion fails with Error processing devfile: failed to merge DevWorkspace volumes: duplicate volume found in devfile: volume_name

This means there are multiple volumes defined in the original devfile with the same name. Remove the duplicate volumes and proceed with the conversion.

Conversion fails with Error provisioning storage: Could not rewrite container volume mounts: volume component 'volume_name' is defined multiple times

This means the volume defined in the original devfile conflicts with a volumeMount propagated by an editor or a plug-in. Rename the volume in the devfile to be the same as the name of the volumeMount it conflicts with, and proceed with the conversion.